Health and Happiness Retreats 2019

At times, we must give to ourselves first if we expect to have anything to give to others. This year, we bring you 3 distinct opportunities to give yourself the gift of Health and Happiness. Yoga, relaxation, nature, laughter and friendship are the key components of our retreats. We have designed the weekend to leave you feeling rejuvenated, uplifted and full of gratitude and enthusiasm for life. Let us take you out of your daily routine and inspire you to shake things up and let things loose. You'll refine your skills and gain more insight and knowledge into the practice of yoga and the connection you have with your whole being. Our hope is you allow yourself the freedom to be exactly as you are at this time in life and rediscover the beauty of wholehearted living. Let yourself be amazed at how much more patience, compassion, and kindness you'll have to share after giving fully to yourself first. We find it a great honor and pleasure to share our time, knowledge and love with you so please join us as we all cultivate more passion and beauty in this Life!


Mallorca, Spain - June 6th - June 10th • 2019


Stockholm , Sweden • September 6-8th


Varberg, Sweden • aug 30th - sept 1st